Wine Château Ventenac

Wine Cave

An insight into the History of the territory

On the banks of the Canal du Midi, you will find the Cave of Ventenac-Minervois, with beautiful views over of the vineyards.

Ventenac Cellar Co-operative

Ventenac co-operative is something of an exception because it was not founded independently. It began as the wine cellar of the Seguy de Saint Cyran family who built the castle in 1880. The cellar, was considered to be innovative in its design and layout, and its gothic style, one of only about ten in France, was large enough to accommodate the production of dozens of wine-makers who collectively took over the cellar from the last owner, Mr. Meyer, in 1938.

Since then, there have been several alterations and extensions to increase the cellar's capacity - it can produce up to 45,000 hectolitres of wine. Today, the cellar produces between 8,000 and 8,500 hectolitres.

Step into this enchanting Cave, and as you pass under the arches, you will feel the passion that goes into the cultivation of excellent wines. You will see how this passion has progressed over the centuries. You will have the opportunity to experience the Ventenac Wine Museum and all the great features it has to offer.

Wine Tasting

After a tour of the Château you will be given the opportunity to taste the different Wines available and the staff will guide you through the different wine tasting techniques

  1. How to look at the wine, especially around the edges.
  2. How to swirl the wine in your glass
  3. How to note the wine's viscosity
  4. The proper way to Sniff the wine.
  5. Taking a sip of wine for tasting
  6. How to Aspirate through the wine.
  7. How to Note the aftertaste

The aim is to give you the best overall experience and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. The staff will make the whole experience a memorable one.