Ventenac Village

ventenac Crest

Ventenac en Minervois, is a charming Narbonnese village located on the Canal du Midi, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site.

The village enjoys spectacular panoramic views over the plains of Canet, St Nazaire, Raissac and the waterways of the Aude. The beautiful Canal du Midi, with its lined trees, passes right through the village of Ventenac en Minervois, and is very popular amongst cyclists, pleasure barges, and sightseers.

The Castle and its outbuildings, form a beautiful residence erected on the site of the ancient castle. The gardens, distributed with its terraces, creates a very picturesque effect, and is well worth a visit. One important feature in the village is the excellent Wine cellar, which has progressed and modernized over the years, and has all the essential wine producing tools for the production of some great quality wine.

The Vintners of Ventenac, produce a wine, which is well sought after. It is considered one of the best wines from the hills of Narbonne. The Wine of Ventenac is well known for its finesse, and its great taste.

Ventenac en Minervois

At the end of the 17th Century, Ventenac was involved in the construction of the Canal du Midi. The construction began in 1666 and lasted for 15 years. It was in 1681, that work finally was completed and during that time more than 1000 craftsmen worked on its construction, no doubt that there were some Ventenacois ancestors amongst those that took part.

Canal du Midi

Who would have thought that 300 years later the Canal du Midi would welcome tourists the world over.